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asd'" - 2014/06/23 1740

Sabit - 2013/11/03 1144
Я докторант 1-го курса, моя тема диссертации связано керамикой. "The development of ceramic brick effective technologies on the basis of less plastic clay raw by using oil sludge as an additive to reduce energy consumption and to improve the rheological, physical and mechanical characteristics of products."
Теперь я ищу зарубежный консультант по этим темам. помогите пожалуйста. мой эл адрес Sabit.raisa@mail.ru

Prof. Shuong Lu Won - 2012/12/11 1400
Honest congrat to the Professor's amazing ceramics and mostly the applied mathematics and mechanics research work. Your sincerely SLW

Anonymous - 2012/12/01 1838

xxx - 2012/12/01 1838
xxx was here

Anonymous - 2011/01/11 1711
Ez aztán a vendégkönyv

biga - 2007/11/05 2237
remelhetoleg tiszta is marad...

Leslie - 2007/02/27 1615
I gladly noticed that most of the articles can be downloaded from the site by now! And nevertheless, there are new pictures in the gallery. Keep up the good work!

Steve - 2007/02/02 0948
Hi Guys,
There is no proges on your web site. Can anybody tell me where can I read the sc. articles of Dr. Gömze?

Gray - 2007/01/25 1645
This is on little beter than /~femadmin.
I hope I'll able to read and print al articles published by your department's staff and PhD students. I am interested in researcs of phisico-mechanical proporties of ceramic raw materials and fired ceramic bodies.

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